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Roadmaster Drivers School is your first step to successfully starting your career as a professional truck driver. Over the past 25 years, Roadmaster has become an industry leader and garnered a reputation as one of the nation’s best schools for training entry-level truck drivers. Since opening our first school in 1992, we’ve prepared nearly 100,000 men and women to take the road with our comprehensive Commercial Driver License (CDL) training program. While attending Roadmaster, you will receive hands on training in top of the line industry standard equipment. You will learn how to drive and shift a manual transmission truck as well as new state of the art automatic transmission trucks. Behind these trucks, you will be pulling industry standard 53 foot trailers. No matter what employer you choose to work for after graduating, Roadmaster will ensure that you are ready to start your new career as a successful professional truck driver using the same type of equipment that you will be driving once you start your new career!. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) predicts that if current trends last, there will be a shortage of nearly 175,000 truck drivers by 2024! The current shortage of truck drivers is great news for those looking for a solid career with incentives and job security! Trucking companies are working harder than ever to reward new hires with higher pay rates and better benefits. The fact that truck driving can't be outsourced and that current demand is only expected to rise in the next decade means job security for professionals in the Industry. A career as a professionally trained truck driver can take you from unemployment or underemployment to a better life with great earning potential in just weeks! With the accelerated CDL preparation program and job placement assistance at Roadmaster, many students receive pre-hire offers during their first week of training and are employed in an exciting career immediately after graduation! * Up to a $45,000 Average Annual Wage * Health, Dental & Vision Insurance * Job Security (Truck driver jobs can't be outsourced.) * 401k Retirement Savings Plan * Life Insurance * Paid Vacation & Sick Time * Flexible Schedules * Ride-Along Options (Pet, Spouse, etc.) Truck Drivers are typically paid by the mile. Solo truck drivers can expect to earn up to $45,000 in their first year depending on the amount of miles they drive. If you drive with a partner, called team driving, you can expect to split a combined income of 100 to 150,000 dollars. Teams make more money because the truck never stops moving. When one driver rests, the other driver takes over and that combined mileage gets split between both drivers. The bottom line is, it has never been a better time to get Class A CDL training and start your career in the Professional Truck Driving Industry. Carriers are hiring nationwide and the benefits have never been better! At Roadmaster Drivers School, you are only 3-4 short weeks away from starting a new life for you and your family.

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Roadmaster Drivers School Commercial 2018
Roadmaster Drivers School Commercial 2018

What Sets Roadmaster Apart? Over 25 Years of Experience Training more than 100,000 Graduates 3 to 4 Week C...

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