Get Out of the House and Onto the Road With Trucking!

October 17, 2016 Roadmaster


Are you stuck in your parent’s house? Does it seem like a decent job is hard to find, much less a promising career? CDL trucking is the perfect solution! Truck drivers are always needed all across America, and the trucking industry is full of unique benefits. You can still do a lot of things you love and make over $40,000 in your first year of driving!1

Can’t Get Off Facebook?

Maybe it’s not just Facebook. The internet has plenty of rabbit holes to fall into. Maybe the idea of driving away from home without any internet to turn to sounds bad. You only have to remember that internet is available across the country!

If you’re dropping off or picking up loads as a truck driver, you can look for places that offer free internet. Many restaurants and diners offer wifi to their guests, which will come in handy during lunch or dinnertime! Also, this is the age of smartphones and data. You could use your new truck driving salary to buy a phone and data plan that’ll let you get on the internet anywhere in the U.S. Don’t let the fear of not having internet stop you from a trucking career! There are plenty of options to still have internet while driving a truck.

Don’t Want to Leave the Couch?

Many top carrier companies use trucks that are only a few years old. The late-model (newer) trucks are the way to go! Their seats come with a lot of functionality that will let you make your driver’s seat ready for cross-country travel. For example, Schneider trucks have “nine adjustments on the seat Schneider specs – plus three more in the truck’s tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and column.”2

With wide, comfortable seats and a bed in the cabin, your truck could become your favorite new hangout spot. Decorate your space the way you want it! Truck drivers can put things like mini fridges or microwaves in their trucks to truly customize the cabin to their needs.

Don’t Want to Deal With People All Day?

You don’t have to! In fact, a big majority of a truck driver’s job is spent solo. Many carriers offer options for team driving or driving with a passenger or pet. However, solo truck driving is just that. Solo.

Truckers might start their days off picking up a load and contacting their dispatchers for instructions. Once they have the cargo, the rest of the time until they deliver is spent driving. Sure, truck drivers can talk to each other over the radio, but they don’t really have to work with people until they reach drop off/pickup locations.

Want to Make Money?

I don’t think many people would go to work if money wasn’t involved. And there’s plenty of money to be had in a trucking career! As we mentioned before, CDL truck drivers can earn over $40,000 in just their first year of trucking! After that they have options to move onto other trucking positions that could pay more or are more preferable. Solo truck drivers can move onto positions as team drivers, owner-operators, dedicated drivers, trainers and many others!

There’s also plenty of opportunity to earn extra money on top of regular pay in trucking. A lot depends on the carrier company you choose to sign on with after you’ve earned your CDL. Some carriers offer bonuses to their drivers for hitting a certain amount of miles in a month, driving safely, passing DOT inspections, and referring friends to the company, among others.

Where Do I Get Started in Trucking?

Right here with Roadmaster! Our truck driving school has trained thousands of professional truck drivers. Roadmaster’s program includes information that will help you pass your CDL permit test and your CDL license exam as well as the essential trucking skills needed for a career. And you can complete Roadmaster courses in as few as four weeks! Chat now with a representative to hear options about CDL training in your area, or leave some contact information here. Trucking companies are hiring across the country today!





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